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Engagement Info

February 27, 2016
Navarre Beach, FL

Wedding Info

June 20, 2016
Spence Cabin
Gatlinburg, TN

Navarre, FL


Elementary Teacher


Smithfield, VA




Clarisse 's Parents

John and Sandra Kemp

Jonathan's Parents

Mike and Nedra Crider

Clarisse Kemp and Jonathan Crider

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How We Met

It was during an orientation for new students at Harding University in Arkansas that we first met. My friend Colby, and I were trying to find other transfer students in a sea of freshman. From the crowd, we saw a guy eating alone with his mom. He didn't seem happy to be there so we sat with him in hopes that he would be a transfer and HE was! We met shortly and then we all went back home to our lives.

A couple months later it was time for Stampede, a time for new students to move in and get acclimated before the other seasoned students come back. Jon happened to be in my new student group and so I went to ask him if he still remembered me and he didn't. Ha! He must've thought I was cute because he asked to sit next to me. As an icebreaker game we all passed around a beach ball with silly questions on it. When it was passed to me, I landed on the “are you single and ready to mingle?” question. Being naďve, in a relationship, and wanting to make friends in this brand new school, I said “I am not single but I am ready to mingle.” Jon didn’t hear what I said, but I got to hear him ask the guy next to him about what I said. That’s when I knew that he fancied me. Soon after, he asked me to tour the campus with him but a short walk turned into 4 hours and a visit to the ice cream parlor where he told me that he already “really liked” me and he wanted to take me on an actual date. However, I was in a relationship and so I broke off that relationship speedy quick and scared Jon with my eagerness and resolve. He did take me on that date, but after that he put me in the friend zone for 6 months to make sure I wasn’t crazy. I must’ve passed because he asked me to be his girlfriend eventually.

How We Got Engaged

We went on a walk on the beach on our 3rd anniversary and my family came out to join us. I saw my sister skipping in the distance and my sister never skips so I became a little suspicious. Then as they get closer my parents and Jon exchange quick hand movements. Next thing I know, Jon is on one knee and is holding a sparkling ring and my eyes give in to happy tears as a I say "YES!" while my family became our paparazzi.

About the Ring

It's an art deco style with a halo setting and I may have dropped a few suggestions months before the proposal.

Our Shared Interests

We enjoy hiking, art, museums, crafty projects, and traveling.

Our Favorite Date Night

We like to sneak white cheddar popcorn into the movie theater and go hammock by the water.

What Part of the Wedding Are You Most Excited About?

Claire: I am most excited about seeing Jon's face as I walk down the aisle.
Jon: I am really excited for our families to meet and celebrate with us.

Our Relationship in Three Words

Adventurous, Patient, Fun